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December 1, 2007
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Drackenmon Viator Mode by Sysirauta Drackenmon Viator Mode by Sysirauta
Squamon -> Flappamon -> Proaramon -> Basaxmon -> TaeniBasaxmon -> Drackenmon -> Drackenmon Viator Mode

When sleepy Drackenmon's ancient wanderlust awakes, he evolves into his Viator Mode (Latin - viator means wanderer) and lives a life of a classic lonely warrior. He gets more humanoid physicue and untransparent, frosted wings. Drackenmon VM is data attribute, Beast Warrior type. He belongs purely in Nature Spirits -family, eventhough Drackenmon belongs Dragon's Roar too.
Dracken VM wanders around Digital World. He never stay long in one place. He has strong sence of justice, but he decides himself what actually is 'right' justice. Therefore he first carefully looks the situation before he makes his move. He's a 'silent hero' with wisdom he has finally got after a long while.
Drackenmon Viator seals so huge amount of digital data inside him that some of it can be seen outside (see those shiny neon green lines on black?). Of all the gryphons' evolutions, he has best average stats though no one of his stats is the best (common Dracken has best defence, Zirko RT best magic skills, Wakinyan best strenght etc.....). Plus, he's the tallest one.
This calm warrior doesn't search for fights. To share his justice, usually his massive outlook is enough to quit little struggles between smaller monsters. If that's not enough, he has his spear called Medulla Cascus Naturae (Ancient Core/Heart of Nature) with which he could split airs and grounds and share thunderous and freezing Laws of Nature.
In fact, Dracken VM's justice support life. He feels sorrow everytime when sees a life fading away, eventhough by his own hands. Like nature wants to live, Dracken VM protects life as well he can. Opposite for the ferocious outlook he has got his tender heart.

I coloured this too many hours... ^^' And remember, he's still a gryph. <3
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FoamyFanatic718 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2007
ArukiWolf Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2007
is* -.-'
ArukiWolf Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2007
I love the spear and neon green lines, the tail and wings are amazing. His armor in neat. OwO Just Lovely~
Sysirauta Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2007   Traditional Artist
Gomis Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Drackenista yksinäinen vaeltava puunhalaaja... Toimii. :3
Jooh, on se komistus tämä Vaeltaja Moodi. Jotenkin mä tykkään sen hännästä ja muutenkin designistä eniten vyötäröltä alaspäin. Sillä on kivat jalat ja lantiosuojukset. Yarrr. Ja siivet on mystiset... Ne vaan näyttää melko epä-jäältä ollakseen huurteiset, jos multa kysytään, mutta multa ei vissiin kysytä. Oon kai tottunut sinertävään jäähän, mutta turkoosihtava pukee Drackenia tietenkin paremmin.
...Kepakko on raju.
Sysirauta Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2007   Traditional Artist
Huhhuh, suomea vihdoinkin. |D
.... *reps* No voihan sen NOINKIN sanoa... ^^' Sitä paitsi emmehän me halua mitään mahtismonsteria joka oikeasti haluaa riehua ihan kunnolla, hmm? ....yksinäinen vaeltava puunhalaaja...
Drackenin moodihan vaihtoi designia alkuperäisestä vain kaiken muun paitsi vyötäröstä alaspäin, ja VIELÄKIN se toimii parhaiten? |D Jee...
Eeehkä koko huurrejuttu oli vaan kielikuva. <_<' Jos sillä vaan on kummalliset siipikalvot. ... Ja kaiken kukkuraksi mä unodin mainita että kepakko nyt vaan on keino jonka kautta iskut voi kulkea, sen menettäminen ei pahemmin tunnu, toisin kuin jos vaikka Zirko RTltä viedään pääasiallinen hyökkäysvarustus...
Et haluaisi itsekin joskus varjostaa jotain viittä tuntia? Tulee juuri tällaista jälkeä...
Gomis Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Ei kiitos, mulle kelpaa se puolen tunnin viiva tunnin varjostus. |3
Garmmon Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007  Student Filmographer
I like how you make your lines thin and almost nonexistent. ^^ My pen always does thick lines. -v-

He's awesome, like all your other gryphons (though Zirko RT is still best), and the colouring style is so detailed, right down to the green neon lines.
I only seem to see one problem, that his left hand (not holding the staff) thumb seems to be posed in a weird manner, kind of unnaturally curved instead of naturally straight down. But it's not so obvious when everything else looks nice. ^^

For one, I really love the tail. : D
Sysirauta Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2007   Traditional Artist! It's a killing job. I've did that only once before this; for Drackenmon. <_<' It takes time but it's kind a worth it.

Everybody love Zirko RT. <3 But...thumb. Oh well, perhaps I looked reference from my left hand. My thumb can be just that kind of position, plus its joint can bend too much and even to wrong side. I didn't mention it, but in TribaNefaxmon's picture I looked my own hand for reference for the hand holding the it's possible position. At least my overbending fingers. >_>'

Thanks. Critic with some good points is always the best. |3
ZakRhino Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007
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